2024 NFT Predictions

2023: A year of transformative blockchain games, pivotal NFT trends, and intriguing industry outlooks.

This Week's Low-Down:

  • 🏆 Five Blockchain Games that Shaped Gaming in 2023

  • 👀 The NFT Chronicles of 2023, From Ordinals to Pudgy Penguins

  • 🔎 Ripple's 2024 Web3 Predictions—AI and Tokenization Innovations

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Trending Collections on OpenSea:

  • Parallel: This interplanetary sci-fi trading card game distinguishes itself with its strategic depth and unique gameplay, setting a new bar for NFT-enhanced games.

  • Illuvium: An ambitious project encompassing multiple games, Illuvium offers an immersive RPG experience with advanced pet collecting and battling mechanics.

  • Pixels: Standing out as a fully released pixelated browser game on the Ronin blockchain, Pixels captivates players with its minimalistic design and vibrant community.

  • Shrapnel: A first-person extraction shooter, Shrapnel receives AAA-level funding and impresses gamers with its cinematic sci-fi world and blockchain technology integration.

  • Off the Grid: Directed by "District 9" filmmaker Neill Blomkamp, this crypto-powered battle royale shooter features innovative gameplay and a unique mobile companion game.

    The NFT Chronicles of 2023, From Ordinals to Pudgy Penguins

2023 was a pivotal year for NFTs, marked by significant developments and trends.

These five key stories defined the NFT space last year:

  • Ordinals Protocol on Bitcoin: The introduction of the Ordinals protocol on Bitcoin, allowing media and text files to be inscribed onto satoshis, sparked a debate among Bitcoin enthusiasts and led to a surge in network activity.

  • Blur's Market Dominance: Blur's rise in the NFT marketplace was a defining moment, with its aggressive token incentives strategy enabling it to overtake OpenSea in Ethereum NFT trading market share.

  • SEC's Increased Scrutiny: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission heightened its focus on NFT projects, targeting those it deemed unregistered securities, including high-profile cases like Impact Theory, Stoner Cats, and the Kraken exchange.

  • Trump's NFT Collection: Former President Donald Trump's NFT collection saw initial success but faced value collapse with subsequent releases.

  • Pudgy Penguins in Retail: Pudgy Penguins made a significant mainstream move by partnering with Walmart to offer plush toys with scannable QR codes for NFTs.

Ripple's 2024 Web3 Predictions—AI and Tokenization Innovations

According to the XRP Ledger that natively supports NFTs, “Ripple”, 2024 will mark significant advancements in blockchain technology.

  • AI and blockchain convergence will revolutionize cybersecurity and financial services by 2024, enhancing security and enabling smarter trading.

  • Real-world asset tokenization, particularly in real estate and commodities, will propel the blockchain economy and attract institutional investment.

  • The adoption of Decentralized Identity (DID) will transform blockchain privacy and security, increasing institutional participation in decentralized finance.

  • Blockchain interoperability will create a unified, efficient ecosystem, spurring innovation in decentralized finance.

  • Stablecoins will transform global finance, establishing new FX corridors, reducing USD dependence, and gaining traction in the Middle East.

Today's edition was written by Leah Alger