A Monumental Week for Ethereum

Ethereum welcomes new tokens | Enthusiast invests $113K in ERC-404 fees | Lamborghini Expands VeVe collection.

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This Week's Low-Down:

  • 🤼 Rivalry Between Fresh Ethereum Tokens: DN404 and ERC-404

  • 🔨 User Drops $113K on Fees to Snag ERC-404, Gets 'Rugged’

  • 🏎️ Lamborghini Accelerates Web3 Stance with VeVe NFTs

  • Ethereum Introduces New Hybrid Standard Merging NFTs with Tokens (Bitcolumnist)

  • Everything You Need To Know About EtherRocks (nft now)

  • Gala Music Gives Artists Full Control, Syncs with Fans Globally (NFT Plazas)

  • Bitcoin Ordinals IRL: Superchief Opens Art Gallery in San Francisco (Decrypt)

  • Glenlivet Distillery Mixes Ethereum NFTs and AI Into Whiskey Collection (Decrypt)

  • Maximizing Brand Growth Amidst the NFT Market’s Resurgence (NFT Plazas)

  • Black Mirror Goes Web3 With Pixelynx 'Smile-to-Earn' Experience (Decrypt)

  • PlayDapp Exploit Continues into 4th day, with Losses Raaching $290M (Cointelegraph)

  • Empire State Building Launch NFT-Powered Ambassador Program (NFT Plazas)

  • Chamber of Digital Commerce Backs Hermés in Landmark “MetaBirkins” Case (Cryptonews)

  • Will Yuga Labs Switch from Ethereum to Tackle NFT Gas Fees? (NFT Plazas)

  • NFTs Are Worthless? Why Gmoney Took Out a $1 Million Loan on His CryptoPunk (Decrypt)

  • Ethereum NFTs Rally, with EtherRock and BAYC Leading Sales (Cointelegraph)

Trending Collections on OpenSea:

Rivalry Between Fresh Ethereum Tokens: DN404 and ERC-404

DN404 — another new hybrid NFT standard — is challenging the ERC-404 token launched just a week prior.

  • DN404 innovates by merging ERC-20 (fungible) and ERC-721 (non-fungible) features.

  • Most trading activities will be conducted on the base contract, a fully compliant ERC-20 token responsible for tracking user balances and managing the minting and burning of mirrored NFTs.

  • Like ERC-404, DN404 facilitates fractional ownership to enhance market liquidity and accessibility.

  • Astonishingly, the ERC-404 token $PANDARO has already achieved sales exceeding $80M!

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User Drops $113K on Fees to Snag ERC-404 Token, Gets 'Rugged’

Riding the wave of the Ethereum token hype, a crypto enthusiast recently shelled out $113,000 in gas fees for a $26,000 ERC-404 token, showcasing the extremes of a bull market frenzy — bringing us back to the good ol’ days!

  • The new ERC-404 token, No Handle (NO), soared to $70,000, then plummeted to nearly $0 in just 35 minutes.

  • Despite being flagged as high risk, with significant ownership concentrated in two addresses, the investor still pursued this risky investment.

  • This same investor previously earned over $1.1 million from $PANDORA tokens, indicating a trend of engaging in speculative investments within the ERC-404 space.

Lamborghini Accelerates Web3 Stance with VeVe NFTs

Lamborghini is gearing up its Web3 presence yet again, this time by partnering with VeVe for the debut of an exclusive NFT car series, set to launch on the Ethereum blockchain on February 18.

  • Lamborghini continues to delve into the NFT realm, expanding on its early 2022 initiatives with multiple projects and collaborations.

  • Known for its ultra-luxurious vehicles, such as the $8.3 million Veneno, Lamborghini's venture into NFTs represents a fusion of high-end automotive engineering and cutting-edge digital innovation.

  • Notably, this upcoming NFT drop follows the success of Lamborghini’s first NFT collaboration with VeVe, which took place on February 16, 2023, indicating a growing interest and positive reception in the market.

As we wrap up this edition, we're thrilled to highlight Ethereum's remarkable ascent, exceeding $2,700 once again!

Today's edition was written by Leah Alger