Adidas x Moncler

Adidas & Moncler unveil AI-NFT collection | VeeFriends & Mattel team up | IYK bags $16.8M for NFT fashion.

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This Week's Low-Down:

  • 👢 Adidas and Moncler Unveil AI and NFT-Infused Fashion Collection

  • 💀 VeeFriends & Mattel Unite via Tangible Skeleton Action Figures

  • 🧦 IYK Receives $16.8M Funding for NFT-Driven Apparel Expansion

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Adidas and Moncler Unveil AI and NFT-Infused Fashion Collection

Fashion giants Adidas and Moncler unveil a new campaign crafted through generative AI, complemented by NFT collectibles.

  • "The Art of Explorers" campaign combines AI, sculptures, and human endeavor, encapsulating a joint exploratory spirit.

  • A merger of iconic Moncler shapes and Adidas Originals details creates a visually captivating and functional wear collection.

  • An immersive digital platform on and NFTs introduce a unique, interactive, and digitalized shopping and ownership experience.

  • Available online from October 4 and in select stores from October 5, the collection marries exclusivity with broad availability.


VeeFriends & Mattel Unite via Tangible Skeleton Action Figures

VeeFriends and Mattel unite to merge the legendary Skeletor from He-Man and Masters of the Universe with Gary Vee's imaginative Skilled Skeleton character this fall.

  • The action figures feature swappable heads for an enhanced interactive experience.

  • On top of that, the set includes three heads for Skeletor, five interchangeable hands, and several other accessories.

  • NFT collectors of VeeFriends will receive a special Snake Mountain backdrop for their NFT characters, adding an exclusive touch for VeeFriends owners.

  • Diving deeper into the Halloween spirit and tangible experiences, VeeFriends also recently brewed a partnership with Gregorys Coffee to unveil “the jolliest fall drink”. 👇


IYK Receives $16.8M Funding for NFT-Driven Apparel Expansion

IYK secures $16.8 million in seed funding to expand its NFT-driven infrastructure for tech-connected apparel — launches ‘The IYK Platform’ shortly after.

  • Already, IYK has a significant portfolio, collaborating with big names like Adidas, 9dcc, and VÉRITÉ.

  • Now, its self-service portal, ‘The IYK Platform’, permits individuals to chip, mint, link, and configure digital-physical experiences seamlessly.

  • Through the platform, brands are given the capability to identify and reward their audience by incorporating features like supercharging physical products, validating real-life attendance, and providing customization options.

  • Users, on the flip side, gain access to ready-to-use NFC chips which can be embedded into physical products, as already proven by top industry giants.

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Today's edition was written by Leah Alger.