Art Blocks Takes Over a Celebrated Marketplace

Art Blocks acquires Sansa, Saga and Marblex boost Web3 gaming, NFT indexes easily outperform Ether.

This Week's Low-Down:

  • 🎨 Art Blocks Expands with Sansa NFT Marketplace Acquisition

  • 👾 Saga Partners with Marblex for a New Web3 Gaming Era

  • 🌟 NFT Indexes Outshined Ether's Performance in January

  • Circle’s USDC Token to Go Native on Celo Blockchain (Bitcolumnist)

  • NFTs Are 'Not Dead’, Alchemy's Protocol Specialist Says (CoinDesk)

  • Mutant Hounds to Join Bitcoin Ordinals – Whitelist Secret Unveiled (NFT Plazas)

  • Nifty Island NFT Game Releases Open Beta (Bitcolumnist)

  • Yuga Labs and Faraway Push ‘LoTM’ Game to Go Mobile (NFT Plazas)

  • Vegas Golden Knights Announces Real-World Experience Based NFT Drops (Bitcolumnist)

  • Ripple Co-Founder Chris Larsen Hacked for $112.5 Million (nft now)

  • Heroes of Mavia Hits Mobile and ‘Pioneer Airdrop’ Begins (NFT Plazas)

  • Everything You Need to Know About Jupiter’s $JUP Airdrop on Solana (nft now)

  • JUP Token Soars After $700M Jupiter Airdrop to Solana Wallets (Watcher Guru)

  • Shrapnel to Gear Up 3-Day Contest – $100K Prize Pool Awaits (NFT Plazas)

  • Immutable Launches zkEVM Blockchain Built For Gaming (nft now)

  • 'Doom' Runs on Bitcoin and Dogecoin—And Now Gut Bacteria Too (Decrypt)

  • OKX is ‘Going All In’ with New Inscription Token Standards (NFT Plazas)

Trending Collections on OpenSea:

Art Blocks Expands with Sansa NFT Marketplace Acquisition

Art Blocks has strategically acquired the NFT marketplace Sansa to create a dedicated space for creators and collectors diggin’ generative art and more.

  • Through this acquisition, CEO Erick Calderon aims to expand creative possibilities within the Art Blocks ecosystem and improve collectors’ experiences.

  • Art Block bridges artists and collectors, featuring notable NFT projects like ‘Chromie Squiggles’ and ‘Ringers’.

  • Sansa, founded in 2022, similarly focuses on generative art and has expanded to include other mediums of digital artwork.

  • The Sansa marketplace’s success with 1,300 artworks sold and $2.2 million in revenue solidifies Art Blocks' takeover as promising potential.

Saga Partners with Marblex for a New Web3 Gaming Era

Marblex and Saga are partnering to launch Web3 games to expand blockchain gaming developments and uptake.

  • Marblex adopts Saga's 'chainlets' tech for game power, which is akin to traditional cloud computing — but blockchain style!

  • On the flip side, Saga supports cross-chain game integration from blockchain networks like Solana, Avalanche, and Polygon.

  • Users will get the chance to partake in Saga's play-to-airdrop campaign to earn SAGA tokens before the official mainnet launch.

  • Simply put, Marblex brings its gaming community; Saga enhances blockchain user acquisition.

NFT Indexes Outshined Ether's Performance in January

NFT indexes outperformed Ether's gains in January, rising nearly 10% compared to Ether's mere 2% increase.

  • Nansen's NFT-500 index and the Blue Chip 10 both saw significant year-to-date increases, while Ether advanced by 2.2%.

  • Animoca Brands founder Yat Siu believes the NFT space's growing maturity and diversity is the reason for the price recovery.

  • Despite an average 13% drop in NFT prices to $107, January saw a 30% increase in transactions, with a total sales volume of a mighty $1.1 billion! 🎉

Today's edition was written by Leah Alger