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Mutant Ape and Azuki blaze into new worlds of creativity

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  • 🖼️ Azuki Opens 'The Museum of Dope Art'

  • 💨 Mutant Ape Forges New Relationship With Marijuana Industry

  • 🖌️ 9GAG Applies for Trademark of 'PFP'

  • 📦 Amazon to Launch NFT Platform in April

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Azuki Opens 'The Museum of Dope Art'

The "Museum of Dope Art" is now officially open at Azuki's Hilumia, and the NFT project couldn't be more stoked to share about it!

Here's What We Know:

  • Hilumia is an interactive online world that shows off community initiatives and ongoing brand projects.

  • At launch, some of the metaverse's highlights were the Golden Skate Park and 9 Lives Arcade.

  • Now, it's most recent feature is "The Museum of Dope Art", which will showcase art from Azuki and BEANZ community members.

  • Community members featured on Azuki's Instagram will receive a MODA Exhibitor Community Badge. This will also be showcased inside their Azuki Collector's Profile.


Mutant Ape Forges New Relationship With Marijuana Industry

Marijuana company, FarmHouse Inc, blazes into an unexpected trail, forging a licensing agreement with Mutant Ape Yacht Club #30000, "Mega Robot".

Here's What We Know:

  • FarmHouse aims to be the primary link between numerous cannabis brands and NFT holders.

  • Mega Robot is one of the highly exclusive 12 Mega Mutant Apes in the BAYC universe and was the first NFT to mutate into a Mega Mutant Ape through the use of "Mutant Serum".

  • Previous results from this strategy have been successful, with NFT-branded house weed achieving quarterly sell-through rates of over 80%.

  • FarmHouse hopes this new licensing agreement will help more marijuana businesses tap into Web3 consumers and brands.

  • Such news is another interesting example of how NFTs have numerous use-cases.


9GAG Applies for Trademark of 'PFP'

Trademark and copyright attorney @NeerMcD took to Twitter to unveil 9Gag’s plans for obtaining NFT 'PFP' patents:

Here's What We Know:

  • 9GAG files trademark for the word "PFP" used in NFT projects as a reference to "Profile Picture" drops.

  • The patents will cover loyalty programs that reward users with digital assets, NFTs, and virtual goods.

  • Moreover, they will include downloadable software for creating and distributing digital tokens for fan loyalty.

  • Additionally, the patents allow for the provision of platform as a service and software as a service, facilitating easy access to digital marketplaces and auctions.


Amazon to Launch NFT Platform in April

"The Big Whale" reveals that Amazon plans to debut its own NFT platform as early as next month, specifically on April 24th.

Here's What We Know:

  • Amazon is launching its own NFT platform on April 24th, first showcasing 15 collections.

  • The platform will be accessible via a tab on the Amazon website's Digital Marketplace, but only for users in the United States at first.

  • Customers can purchase the NFTs via their Amazon accounts using credit cards, without the need of a crypto wallet.

  • Amazon's private blockchain is not compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine, so developers will need to use a "bridge" to make their NFTs available on the platform.

  • The launch was postponed twice due to the collapse of FTX.


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Today's edition was written by Leah Alger and edited by Ty Smith.