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Inscription tokens reshape Avalanche, Starbucks Korea crafts eco-friendly coffee NFTs, and Sotheby's hits $35M in digital art sales.

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This Week's Low-Down:

  • 🚀 Inscription Token Transactions Reshape the Avalanche Ecosystem

  • ☕ Starbucks Korea Brews NFTs for Eco-Friendly Coffee Lovers

  • 🎨 Sotheby's Surpasses $35M Milestone in Digital Art Sales for 2023

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Inscription Token Transactions Reshape the Avalanche Ecosystem

Avalanche (AVAX) experiences an extraordinary surge in transaction fees, totaling $13.8 million over five days, primarily driven by the minting of inscription-based tokens and NFTs.

  • Inscriptions, a cost-effective solution for token creation, gained popularity across blockchain ecosystems, with AVAX standing out in terms of cost efficiency.

  • Avalanche's daily transaction fees reach $5.6 million, accounting for approximately 70% of fees across the blockchain ecosystem, drawing significant attention.
    The platform ranks third in inscription-related transactions, processing 61 million in total, and hosts over 1,160 inscription collections, indicating its growing prominence.

  • A record-breaking surge in burnt AVAX tokens, amounting to $16.7 million in a week, highlights the impact of inscription-based transactions and their role in shaping decentralized ecosystems.


Starbucks Korea Brews NFTs for Eco-Friendly Coffee Lovers

Starbucks Korea plans to issue NFTs on Polygon in January 2024, rewarding eco-friendly actions with limited-edition digital treasures.

  • Customers can earn "eco-stamps" by buying eligible drinks to exchange for limited-edition NFTs.

  • The Starbucks NFTs are a collaboration with South Korean art platform Print Bakery and NFT artist DADAZ.

  • Starbucks will host an in-store exhibition in Seoul's Starbucks Reserve to showcase the NFTs and sustainability efforts.

  • Complimentary beverage vouchers for reusable cups will align with NFT rewards in Starbucks Korea's green campaign.

    Sotheby's Surpasses $35M Milestone in Digital Art Sales for 2023

    Sotheby's achieved nearly $35 million in digital art sales in 2023, marking a significant year for the auction house's digital art endeavors.

  • This year, Sotheby's hosted its inaugural live digital art auction, generating $12 million in sales and attracting 300 attendees.

  • The auction house set a new fee record for digital artwork, selling Dmitri Cherniak's NFT "Ringers #879" for $6.2 million.

  • Sotheby's conducted over 25 auctions featuring digital art exclusively or as part of contemporary art sales.

  • The company also launched its own on-chain NFT marketplace called Sotheby’s Metaverse and plans to support creators and enhance their primary market strategies in the coming year.

Today's edition was written by Leah Alger