Deadfellaz 'Bits': Magic Eden's Next Smash?

Deadfellaz rolls out Bitcoin game 'Bits' today | Ethereum NFT trading booms | Yuga Labs slammed for steep gas fees.

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This Week's Low-Down:

  • 🧟‍♂️ Deadfellaz Debuts 'Bits' Gaming Project on Magic Eden Today

  • 💥 Ethereum NFTs Thrive - A Look at the Latest Trading Boom

  • ⚠️ Yuga Labs Criticized for Excessive Gas Fees on Otherside NFTs

  • Ethereum Introduces New Hybrid Standard Merging NFTs with Tokens (Bitcolumnist)

  • Black Mirror Goes Web3 With Pixelynx 'Smile-to-Earn' Experience (Decrypt)

  • Jose Delbo, Legendary Comic Book and NFT Artist, Dies at 90 (nft now)

  • 20 Unmissable Blockchain Games Coming Soon to Epic Games (NFT Plazas)

  • Mastercard Launches UEFA Champions League Trivia (Bitcolumnist)

  • Crypto Wallet ‘Kresus’ Now Safeguards Sotheby’s Digital Art (NFT Plazas)

  • Amazon and Solana Labs Bet on Gaming and Blockchain Converging for Real-World Impact (Cointelegraph)

  • Robinhood and MetaMask Join Hands to Revolutionize Web3 Accessibility (Bitcolumnist)

  • Decentraland’s Push Toward Mobile and VR Accessibility (NFT Plazas)

  • Chainlink Dynamic NFTs Bridge Digital and Real-World Data (Bitcolumnist)

  • Dwight Howard NFTs: Athletes Need to ‘Take the Time’ to Understand How They Work (Cointelegraph)

  • Exclusive: Terrell Jones Announces First Solo Exhibition At Superchief LA (nft now)

  • Harry Potter Funko Pop NFT to Drop Soon (Bitcolumnist)

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Deadfellaz Debuts 'Bits' Gaming Project on Magic Eden Today

Today, Deadfellaz’s ‘DFZ Labs’ is set to release 10,000 Bitcoin Ordinals through Magic Eden with 'Bits', alongside a game that allows holders to participate in its development.

  • Collaborating with OrdinalsBot and Xverse, Bits harnesses the robust security of the Bitcoin ecosystem, guided by DFZ Labs' esteemed co-founders.

  • Bits is dedicated to incentivizing players and nurturing a vibrant community through its innovative "roguelite" game and seamless content integration.

  • DFZ Labs showcases its dedication by rewarding the Deadfellaz community with 500 Bits inscriptions, demonstrating ongoing engagement and support.

  • Magic Eden's Bitcoin marketplace flourishes with strong partnerships and unwavering community backing.

Will Bits be Magic Eden's next big hit?

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Ethereum NFTs Thrive - A Look at the Latest Trading Boom

Ethereum NFT trading volume hits a yearly high, marking a significant uptick in market activity. 🎉

  • Pudgy Penguins, third in market cap, challenges Bored Ape for the second spot, trailing CryptoPunks.

  • The popularity of Pudgy Penguins links to its Pudgy World game for Apple Vision Pro, contrasting Yuga Labs' focus on the Otherside metaverse expansion.

  • Despite higher trading volume, Ethereum NFT minting rates have stayed stable, indicating market excitement stems from trading existing NFTs, not minting new ones.

Yuga Labs Criticized for Excessive Gas Fees on Otherside NFTs

Following an extremely successful week, Yuga Labs finds itself in the midst of backlash following a problematic NFT mint in the Otherside metaverse.

  • Ethereum gas fees are causing frustration among players trying to claim free ‘Loot’ NFTs.

  • To chill the air, Yuga attempted to appease the community with a free ‘Catalyst’ offer, which was met with criticism. 👇

  • The community’s pushback has led to Yuga fully reimbursing all gas fees incurred by players.

  • Questions are also arising about Yuga's reliance on the costly Ethereum mainnet.

Today's edition was written by Leah Alger