Diverse NFTs

This week unveils NFTs encompassing hockey videos, cherished Disney, Star Wars and Pixar characters, and innovative dog training experiences.


This Week's Low-Down:

  • 🏒 NHL Introduces a New Era of Hockey Collectibles via NFT Platform

  • 🐶 P2E Dog Training Game Launches for DOGAMI NFT Holders

  • 🏰 Dapper Labs and Disney NFT Platform to Modernize Pin Collecting

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Trending Collections on OpenSea:


NHL Introduces a New Era of Hockey Collectibles via NFT Platform

The National Hockey League (NHL) has launched an NFT collectibles platform called ‘NHL Breakway’, featuring video highlights minted as collectibles on the Polygon network.

  • NHL Breakway offers fans the ability to collect, gift, trade, and display NHL highlight collectibles, complete with interactive features like a ‘Trade Lounge’ and gamification elements.

  • Emphasizing an authentic connection with hockey fans, the platform includes real video highlights from the league.

  • Currently, 5,000 Series 1 starter packs with six NFT collectibles are available via NFL Breakway.

  • The starter packs open moments from iconic players like Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin starting from $9 to $65.


P2E Dog Training Game Launches for DOGAMI NFT Holders

DOGAMI Academy, a mobile game offering crypto token rewards, has launched exclusively for DOGAMI NFT holders.

  • The game features dog training and racing, with plans to expand beyond the currently available Paris-themed environment.

  • Players can earn STAR currency and DOGA tokens, which are tradeable on crypto exchanges when competing in races and multiplayer events.

  • DOGAMI has minted 12,000 dog NFTs across Tezos and Polygon blockchains, with significant player engagement noted in playtesting.

  • A free-to-play version of DOGAMI Academy is set to release in early 2024, likely without play-to-earn features available to NFT holders.

    Dapper Labs and Disney NFT Platform to Modernize Pin Collecting

    Disney, in collaboration with Dapper Labs, announces ‘Disney Pinnacle’, a digital pin collecting and trading platform set to launch later this year.

  • Disney Pinnacle will feature digital pins of characters from Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars.

  • The platform is designed as a socially driven experience, allowing fans to collect and trade digital pins. It aims to provide an immersive, secure, and global trading environment for its users.

  • Fans will be able to easily interact, collect, and trade pins from their mobile devices across the globe.

Today's edition was written by Leah Alger