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ETH gas fees rise. Yuga Labs turn to Bitcoin. What else?

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  • ⬆️ As NFT Trading Picks Up, Ethereum Gas Fees Ascend

  • 🙌 Yuga Labs Introduce First Bitcoin Collection, TwelveFold

  • 💄 YSL Beauty's Second Web3 Chapter Includes Exclusive NFT Drop

  • ⚽ Captain Tsubasa NFTs Drop Today!

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As NFT Trading Picks Up, Ethereum Gas Fees Ascend

Glassnode revealed in its weekly newsletter on Monday that "The incremental nature of the gas demand suggests an early resurgence of network activity may be underway."

Here's What We Know:

  • Ethereum's gas prices for transactions has risen from approximately 10-20 gwei to 38 gwei.

  • Resurgence in NFT trading plays a significant part on the demand for gas. As a result, gas used for Ethereum transactions have increased by 97% for the past two months.

  • This change in fee signals a slow return to form for the network's fee market.

  • Blur, OpenSea's largest rival, has also noticed a surge in demand for block space, resulting in increased fees for validators and more ETH being burnt via EIP1559.

  • Some of the biggest drivers of NFT activity include new projects from blue-chip projects, including BAYC's Dookey Dash game and Doodles 2.


Yuga Labs Introduce First Bitcoin Collection, TwelveFold

Yuga Labs is getting set to launch TwelveFold, its upcoming NFT project set to join the Bitcoin network through Ordinals this week!

  • Yuga Labs is launching its first-ever Bitcoin-based NFT project, TwelveFold, at the end of this week.

  • Using Ordinals, TwelveFold will showcase a 12×12 grid format. Each piece will pay homage to the data storage method on the Bitcoin network.

  • Only 300 of these collectibles will be up for grabs, rather than Yuga’s typical amount of 10,000 NFTs or more.

  • Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the official Yuga Labs Twitter for deets of the launch.

  • Click here to read the full story!


YSL Beauty's Second Web3 Chapter Includes Exclusive NFT Drop

YSL Beauty is following up on its successful "Black Opium The Night Is Ours" Web3 campaign by launching its next NFT drop, "YSL Beauty Night Masters."

Here's What We Know:

  • The project celebrates female creativity, technology, and YSL’s iconic Black Opium franchise.

  • Three well-respected female digital artists, Dr. Ivona Tau, Laura Sills, and Natalie Amrossi designed the digital assets.

  • All of the proceeds will go to charities, and those who buy NFTs will get bonus surprises!

  • These stylish digital assets will be available to the public on March 8 for 0.2 ETH.


Captain Tsubasa NFTs Drop Today!

Fans around the world have eagerly been anticipating the release of the Captain Tsubasa anime NFT collection. Finally, the time is here!

Here's What We Know:

  • Captain Tsubasa's NFT collection's presale dropped today at 2 am (PST).

  • The public sale started at 4 am (PST), with a fixed price of 0.01 ETH per NFT.

  • Limited edition gold asset's are also available for 0.08 ETH.

  • created the NFT-centered platform to bring together anime soccer fans and promote charities.

  • Click here to score an open edition NFTs.


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