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U.S. manufacturers embrace the metaverse | Saudi heritage explores 'Cultural Universe' | Paris Hilton's Roblox success.

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This Week's Low-Down:

  • 🏭 92% of U.S. Manufacturers Turn to Metaverse Initiatives

  • 🕌 Saudi Arabia Preserves Heritage on ‘Cultural Universe’

  • 💖 Paris Hilton's Roblox Venture Generates $60M in Ad Value

  • Lost Worlds Launches Creation Portal for GeoNFTs (Bitcolumnist)

  • The ERC-6551 Token Standard, Explained (Cointelegraph)

  • Runestone’s Impact on the Entire Bitcoin Ordinals Ecosystem (NFT Plazas)

  • Next Up: Michael Micasso Elevates Pixel Art With Elegance and Detail (nft now)

  • Dogwifhat Spat? Ethereum NFT Auction Reveals Tensions Between Dog’s Owners and Solana Community (Decrypt)

  • WEMIX and The Sandbox to Propel NFT Scene at NFC Event (NFT Plazas)

  • Starbucks Says Its NFT Rewards Program Must Come to an End (Cointelegraph)

  • Web3 Mobile Game MadWorld Opens Early Access Registration (NFT Plazas)

  • ‘Spider-Man’ and ‘X-Men’ NFT Comics Hit Ethereum in VeVe's New App (Decrypt)

  • Memecoin Presales Are Taking Over Web3 — And Raising Millions in Minutes (nft now)

  • Binance CEO Predicts Bitcoin Will Exceed $80,000 on Increasing Demand (Decrypt)

  • Indian Trainline Steams Ahead with NFT Tickets for Holi Rides (NFT Plazas)

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92% of U.S. Manufacturers Turn to Metaverse Initiatives

As reported by the World Economic Forum (WEF), 92% of U.S. manufacturing firms are increasingly integrating the metaverse to address production challenges.

  • The report finds manufacturing executives are exploring up to six metaverse use cases for each of their operations.

  • Drive toward an industrial metaverse aims to boost production speed, efficiency, and forecasting, partly as a COVID-19 recovery strategy.

  • Amazon and Mercedes Benz notably use digital twin tech and Nvidia Omniverse for design and efficiency improvements.

Saudi Arabia Preserves Heritage on ‘Cultural Universe’ Metaverse

Saudi Arabia recently unveiled ‘Cultural Universe’, a metaverse journey into its rich heritage, at the 45th UNESCO World Heritage Committee session.

  • Cultural Universe allows users to experience Saudi history from 1727 to today, showcasing arts, architecture, design, and more.

  • Users can personalize their virtual journey through Saudi culture by selecting avatars and customizing settings.

  • The initiative reflects the Ministry of Culture's effort to preserve and promote Saudi heritage.

Paris Hilton's Roblox Venture Generates $60M in Ad Value

Paris Hilton's ‘Slivingland’ Roblox game attracted over 3.2 million visitors between August 2023 and February 2024, generating a hefty $60M in media ad value.

  • Slivingland emphasizes fashion and avatar customization, aligning with Roblox’s focus on self-expression and community engagement.

  • The metaverse venture’s success contributes to about 2.6% of Roblox’s total media equivalency for 2023, boosted by a viral TikTok campaign.

  • Nearly 500,000 of the game’s emotes were sold within two months on Roblox, each priced at roughly $1.25 (100 Robux).

Today's edition was written by Leah Alger