Magic Eden Rewards

Magic Eden debuts NFT token, 'Genesis Cat' fetches $254K at Sotheby's, and 'Blasthead' NFT avatars take over The Sandbox.

This Week's Low-Down:

  • 💎 Magic Eden's NFT Token - The Next Big Thing in Web3 Rewards

  • 🐱 'Genesis Cat' NFT Fetches $254K in Sotheby's First Bitcoin Auction

  • 💥 Unleash the Power of ‘Blasthead’ NFT Avatars in The Sandbox

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Trending Collections on OpenSea:

Magic Eden's NFT Token - The Next Big Thing in Web3 Rewards

Magic Eden goes open-source, joining forces with Non-Fungible DAO to unveil an exciting NFT reward token for traders.

  • Alongside the NFT token launch, the marketplace is enhancing its Diamonds rewards program across four major chains.

  • The major chains include Solana, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Polygon.

  • Users of Magic Eden’s protocols will be eligible for the new NFT token.

  • Exact timing and allocation for the NFT token launch by Non-Fungible DAO are not yet determined.

'Genesis Cat' NFT Fetches $254K in Sotheby's First Bitcoin Auction

FAR's ‘Genesis Cat’ Bitcoin art — part of the 'Quantum Cat’ project — sold for 6.31 BTC (about $254,000) at Sotheby's.

  • Genesis Cat celebrates an early Bitcoin code, ‘OP_CAT’, initially introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto.

  • The ‘Natively Digital’ curated Ordinals sale at Sotheby's amounted to around $1,097,000 (26 BTC), selling all auction lots with 641 bids.

  • Natively Digital marks Sotheby's first Bitcoin Ordinals-centric sale, adding to its history of high-profile NFT auctions.

Unleash the Power of ‘Blasthead’ NFT Avatars in The Sandbox

The Blastheads — a group of 1,666 nuclear-powered avatars — are ready to “bring the thunder” to The Sandbox metaverse.

  • The Blastheads Avatar Collection allowlist is open until Jan 29, offering unique designs, custom moves, NFTs, and SAND tokens.

  • Avatar holders can participate in transformation events, where their Blastheads become ultimate metal powerhouses and join other Blasthead members.

  • Allowlisted users can mint these avatars at 90 SAND, followed by a public sale at 120 SAND.

Today's edition was written by Leah Alger