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  • 🖥️Microsoft Edge Introduces Built-In Wallet for NFTs

  • 🎵 EXIT Festival Collaborates with NFT-TiX for Multi-Year Partnership

  • 🖼️ Claire Silver's NFT Louvre Exhibit Never Happened: Untangling the Mess

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Microsoft Edge Introduces Built-In Wallet for NFTs

Microsoft's Edge browser is making strides to into Web3 by introducing a built-in wallet for crypto and NFTs.

A pseudonymous insider named “Albacore” leaked screenshots showcasing this new functionality on Twitter: 

Here's What We Know: 

  • Microsoft's Edge browser is reportedly getting a built-in crypto and NFT wallet, as leaked screenshots suggest new functionality coming soon.

  • Integrating a crypto wallet into Edge will streamline the Web3 experience, eliminating the need for third-party applications like MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet.

  • The wallet will be non-custodial, ensuring users have full control of their crypto assets and upholding the "freedom to transact" principle of the crypto world.

  • Features of the Edge crypto and NFT wallet include a portfolio overview, transaction history, and a Web3 news section.

  • The wallet will also incorporate an NFT marketplace aggregator and provide a user-friendly gallery view for organizing and displaying NFT collections.


EXIT Festival Collaborates With NFT-TiX for Multi-Year Partnership 

NFT-TiX and EXIT Festival join forces to revolutionize the way music festivals sell tickets. As a result, EXIT Festival is the first major music festival to launch NFT tickets. 

Here's What We Know: 

  • EXIT Festival partners with NFT-TiX for multi-year collaboration after winning the UK Festival Best Innovation award.

  • The partnership will include a series of events, with a special offer for the upcoming EXIT Festival in 2023, which will offer ultra VIP humanitarian NFT tickets for €10,000.

  • This news marks the first major festival to launch an NFT collection for ticketing. Thus, is a prime example of innovative ticketing solutions in the industry.

  • NFT-TiX is a revolutionary ticketing platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, offering a new level of transparency, convenience, security, and exclusivity to event attendees.

  • The partnership is shortlisted for the DISRUPTOR award at the Ticketing Business Awards, and the winner will be announced in Manchester on April 19.


NFT MADNESS: Vote for Your Favorite NFT Project

Who has the strongest NFT community?

NFT Lately is letting you decide with NFT MADNESS!

Here’s our NFT Bracket consisting of some of our favorite projects. The NFT world is reliant on community. So, to emphasize that, YOU can decide who you want to be crowned winner.

Voting is open here!

Follow NFT Lately on Twitter to stay in the loop with NFT Madness and for pressing community news!

  • First round: March 14-17

  • Second round: 18-21

  • Third round: March 23-26

  • Fourth round : March 25-28

  • Fifth round: March 29-April 1

  • Final round: April 1-3

  • Winner announced: April 4


Claire Silver's NFT Louvre Exhibit Never Happened: Untangling the Mess

AI artist Claire Silver announced last week that her NFTs would be displayed at the Louvre in Paris, only to have the iconic museum deny the claim shortly afterward. 

Here's What We Know: 

  • AI artist Claire Silver announced her NFTs would be exhibited at the Louvre Museum in Paris, but the museum denied it shortly after.

  • Silver's announcement received support from the Web3 space, but members of the traditional art space were skeptical.

  • Superchief Gallery NFT helped facilitate Silver's exhibition, but the Paris Blockchain Week misrepresented details about the event's location and caused confusion.

  • The mishap led to Superchief Gallery canceling its participation, and the Louvre confirmed that Silver would not be exhibiting there.

  • Ultimately, it seems that neither Paris Blockchain Week nor Superchief Gallery deliberately deceived Silver. Nevertheless, artists often bear the brunt of the backlash from perceived failures.


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