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Bryan Johnson's 'DRiP' NFTs, Sotheby's Bitcoin poem sale, and MixMob's 'MXM' launch.

This Week's Low-Down:

  • 🧪 Billionaire Biohacker Bryan Johnson Enters NFTs with ‘DRiP’

  • 🖋️ Sotheby’s Makes History with Bitcoin Ordinals Poem Sale

  • 💥 MixMob's MXM Token Launch - A New Era in Web3 Gaming

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Trending Collections on OpenSea:

Billionaire Biohacker Bryan Johnson Enters NFTs with ‘DRiP’

Bryan Johnson, a billionaire biohacker, sponsors an NFT airdrop in partnership with DRiP and Degen Poet.

  • Johnson's NFT involvement is underpinned by the intertwining of cryptocurrency and longevity.

  • The Solana community partners with Johnson to create the Blueprint Protocol and product line.

  • Further enhancing the NFT project’s appeal, DRiP offers complimentary collectibles to randomly selected holders.

Sotheby’s Makes History with Bitcoin Ordinals Poem Sale

Sotheby's makes history with the sale of 'Cord’ — the first Bitcoin Ordinals inscribed poem by Ana Maria Caballero — which fetched $11,430 (0.28 BTC).

  • The sale was part of the Natively Digital auction, showcasing significant early Bitcoin Ordinals inscriptions.

  • Cord’s buyer will receive a signed print of the poem.

  • Caballero sees this sale as an affirmation of the value of written poetry.

  • Her exploration of biology's influence on societal rituals and her work challenging narratives is praised by Sotheby's.

MixMob's MXM Token Launch - A New Era in Web3 Gaming

MixMob is set to launch its MXM token today, aiming for listings on other major exchanges.

  • Early supporters will receive a 63 million MXM token airdrop.

  • A recent 12-minute sale of 9,000 MixBots NFTs raised over $2.25 million, highlighting robust community support.

  • Solana Saga smartphone users will get exclusive MixMob airdrops and perks.

  • MixMob is also introducing a new season of its "race-to-earn" Racer1 game, blending racing with strategy.

Today's edition was written by Leah Alger