NBA Top Shot NFTs: Securities?

Beyond Cool Cats and Dookey Dash are legal disputes for Dapper Labs

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OneOf Unveil Rare NFTs of Vintage Beatles Slides 

Thanks to a partnership between Globe and OneOf, fans of The Beatles have a chance to own a piece of history by snapping up a 1-of-1 digital slide of the famous band taken back in 1966.

These 40 slides were discovered in an old filing cabinet last year and have never seen the light of day. 

Here's What We Know: 

  • Thanks to Globe and OneOf, 40 previously undiscovered vintage slides of The Beatles are up for grabs.

  • Each slide from the RETNA and London Features International Archives comes with a digital certificate of authenticity (DCOA) stored on the Tezos distributed ledger used by OneOf.

  • The slides have an NFC tag on the acrylic frame, which fans can scan with smartphones.

  • Scanning the NFC tag reveals the digital certificate of authenticity on the user's default web browser.

  • Sign up to register interest here!

Dookey Dash Players Can Now Join 'Toad Mode' 

Starting yesterday, Dookey Dash players started jumping back into the Sewer. But this time, in Toad Mode. 

Here's What We Know: 

  • Sewer Pass holders can partake in the game for a unique companion trait to their Power Source by scoring a Top 500 score run or a Top 2000 score in Toad Points.

  • Joining the game is the last opportunity for holders of N/A passes to play and log a score to enter Bored Ape's upcoming game, The Summoning.

  • N/A Passes that play Toad Mode will be eligible to summon a Power Source ranked UNDER what’s summoned by previously ranked Sewer Passes.

  • Passes that show N/A tied to a score of 0 after Toad Mode scores are finalized will not be eligible for the Summoning that begins on March 8th, 2023.

  • The same rules from the previous Dookey Dash experience apply to Toad Mode regarding delegation and pass transfers. 

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Cool Cats Next Journey Starts Tomorrow

Feline adventure awaits: Cool Cats‘ second “Journey” starts tomorrow (February 23) at 3PM, and non-community members can also pounce on the chance to join the adventure. 

Here's What We Know: 

  • Every two weeks, Journeys are interactive, gamified story-telling experiences on Cool Cats metaverse, Cooltopia.

  • The virtual spaces consist of interactive, gamified story-telling experiences.

  • Completing missions along the Journeys unlocks new opportunities, rewards, and story levels.

  • Non-Cool Cats holders can join the fun on Explorer mode, accumulating Cool Points and Season Badges, and will be eligible for the reward selection.

  • Click here to learn all about the Journeys and start exploring!

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Judge Rules NBA Top Shot NFTs as Securities

At Dapper Labs' recent lawsuit, a judge has ruled that NBA Top Shot non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are — at least to a certain degree — considered securities. 

Here's What We Know: 

  • A lawsuit was filed against Top Shot creator Dapper Labs alleging NBA Top Shot NFT moments are unregistered securities.

  • Judge Victor Marrero denies Dapper's request to dismiss the suit, stating that NBA Top Shot NFTs meet security requirements under the Howey Test.

  • Dapper Labs defends its position, citing previous court rulings on art and collectibles not being classified as securities under federal law.

  • The judge suggests the Flow blockchain, which powers Top Shot, is a "private" network, potentially indicating further support for the plaintiff's claims.

  • The ruling cites Dapper's control over the NBA Top Shot platform, underlying IP, and statements regarding the market value and user demand.

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