NFT Dominance

OKX rules NFTs, Casio drops new 'Virtual G-Shock' NFTs, and a daring heist of 36 BAYC and 18 MAYC tokens ends in a brilliant recovery!


This Week's Low-Down:

  • 🚀 OKX Establishes Itself as the Leading NFT Marketplace

  • ⌚ Casio Releases Second ‘Virtual G-Shock’ NFT Series

  • 🙏 BAYC and MAYC Tokens Recovered After $3M Theft

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  • NFT Trader Hacked, Millions of Dollars in NFT Stolen (Cointelegraph)

Trending Collections on OpenSea:


OKX Establishes Itself as the Leading NFT Marketplace

OKX's NFT arm surpasses other major marketplaces like OpenSea, Blur, and Magic Eden in 24-hour trading volume, hitting $50 million, according to DappRadar.

  • Despite a drop to $35 million at the latest check, OKX maintains a lead over its competitors, whose combined trading volume reaches around $24 million.

  • OKX's surge in trading volume coincides with its introduction of Bitcoin Ordinals trading, reflecting a booming week for Bitcoin NFTs, reaching $367 million in weekly sales volume, surpassing Ethereum and Solana's combined $91 million.

  • Data shows a significant rise in daily NFT sales volume for Bitcoin starting from December 12, consistently surpassing Ethereum and Solana.

  • The broader NFT space's resurgence in November saw a collective volume nearing $1 billion, with the average transaction value soaring by 114% from $126 to $270, indicating increased interest in higher-value trades.


Casio Releases Second ‘Virtual G-Shock’ NFT Series

Casio recently introduced a special collection of 2,000 NFT art pieces featuring futuristic "Virtual G-Shock" designs.

  • This marks Casio's second foray into the NFT world following the release of G-Shock Creator Pass NFTs on Polygon in September.

  • Owners of these Ethereum NFTs gain exclusive privileges, including behind-the-scenes experiences and a tour of the G-Shock Endurance Test Laboratory in Tokyo.

  • Collectors will engage in roundtable discussions with designers, exploring insights into the creative process behind the Virtual G-Shock models.

  • The NFTs offer access to design materials related to the watches and priority purchase opportunities for the next set of Virtual G-Shock NFTs, available in two innovative designs: VGA-001 and VGA-002.

    BAYC and MAYC Tokens Recovered After $3M Theft

    36 Bored Ape and 18 Mutant Ape NFTs worth almost $3 million were recently stolen. The hacker demanded 30 ETH per BAYC, 6 ETH per MAYC, plus a bounty — Boring Security recovered all.

  • Boring Security, a non-profit Web3 initiative supported by ApeCoin, swiftly recovered the stolen assets within 24 hours by paying a 120 ETH bounty, amounting to roughly $267,000 at the time.

  • The team confirmed the successful recovery of all 36 BAYC and 18 MAYC NFTs on Twitter, concluding with a bounty payment to the hacker equivalent to 10% of the NFT collections' floor price.

  • Greg Solano, co-founder of Yuga Labs, facilitated negotiations that aided the return of the stolen tokens, marking a significant win in NFT security.

  • The recovery process was a vital victory for the rightful owners, facilitated by community-driven initiatives, thus underscoring the importance of swift action and collaboration in securing valuable NFT assets.

Today's edition was written by Leah Alger