Special Edition: NFT March Madness

A search for the most passionate NFT community

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For the past month, there have been some big things in the works under wraps, here at NFT Lately and we're super excited to finally be able to share.

Announcing: NFT March Madness

What is it?

NFT March Madness is a three-week-long community event we are hosting to determine which NFT collection has the most passionate and engaged community.

How does it work?

Every 3 days (starting today) matchups will go live on our site that is open to a community vote. At the end of each round, winners will be announced and move on to their next matchup.

The matchup dates are as follows:

  • First round: March 14-17

  • Second round: March 18-21

  • Third round: March 23-26

  • Fourth round: March 25-28

  • Fifth round: March 29-April 1

  • Final round: April 1-3

  • Winner announced: April 4 🎉

How can I participate?

  • Go vote at NFTLately.com/vote (like...now)

  • Follow along on Twitter where we will be announcing the results of each matchup and announcing the next round's contenders

Let's introduce the competitors....

Round 1 Matchups to Watch:

  • Bored Ape Yacht Club vs. Mad Skullz

  • VeeFriends vs. Sky Weaver

  • Doodles vs.Tribe Quokka

  • Ethermon vs. Axie Infinity

  • Dead Fellaz vs. Artgobblers

  • Wonderpals vs. ThorFi

  • Cool Cats vs. Baddog

  • Mighty Minions vs Azuki

  • Blockade vs Beeple

  • Degen Ape vs LowLife Forms

  • MoonBirds vs. Okay Bears

  • CryptoPunks vs. Spells of Genesis

  • Decentraland vs. Club Fomo

  • CryptoChicks vs. Plague

  • Aurory vs. 90s Babe

  • Top Shot vs. RichPeon


What do you think of NFT March Madness?

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