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  • 🔒 RTFKT and Ledger Forge an Educational Partnership

  • 🧥 Nouns DAO Showcased 3D-Printed Fashion

  • 🐰 Playboy to Hop into Virtual World 'MetaMansion' in 2023

  • 👟 Adidas to Step Up Its Game With Token-Gated Sneaker Drops

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RTFKT and Ledger Forge an Educational Partnership

At NFT Paris, RTFKT and Ledger revealed their joint efforts to create a comprehensive blockchain learning experience. Their novel educational resources enable customers to safeguard their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other digital assets, enhancing their self-custody.

Here's What We Know:

  • Ledger and RTFKT have joined hands to offer secure storage and management of digital assets, including NFTs.

  • Their partnership includes educational programs and collaborative drops to highlight the significance of security while entering the Web3 space.

  • RTFKT's unique approach and creativity will introduce a fun way to promote safety and add thrilling new items to the Ledger Market.

  • Together, they also hope to become the top choice for secure, high-end phygital collectibles and NFTs.

  • Click here to read the full story!


Nouns DAO Showcased 3D-Printed Fashion

A brand new collection of 3D-printed fashion funded by Nouns DAO was unveiled at NFT Paris, featuring five looks created by the renowned 3D-printed fashion designer Danit Peleg.

Here's What We Know:

  • Danit Peleg used various 3D-printing technologies, including Polyjet, FDM, and Jet Fusion, to create a collection of 5 state-of-the-art looks and accessories.

  • Nouns DAO funded the collection, which was created in partnership with Moon Creative Lab, with $140,000 across three milestones in the past year.

  • Nouns DAO is an Ethereum-based decentralized autonomous organization that has funded multiple projects and made charity donations, including donating 3,000 children's prescription glasses.

  • According to Peleg, Nouns DAO's massive treasury is empowering artists and creators to bring their creations to life.

  • The collection was showcased at NFT Paris, using AR, holograms, and physical pieces.


Playboy to Hop into Virtual World 'MetaMansion' in 2023

At NFT Paris last week, Liz Suman, Playboy's Web3 leader, stated that the brand's leaping into 'MetaMansion', its virtual world, sometime this year.

Here's What We Know:

  • According to Playboy's Web3 Lead at NFT Paris, Liz Suman, the underwear brand will make it into the MetaMansion metaverse by the end of this year.

  • Those who are lucky enough to have snagged one of Playboy's previous NFTs, including Rabbitars and The Sandbox LAND will have priority access to launch. But, don't worry, there's plenty more going around.

  • The metaverse is in collaboration with Animoca Brands, and aims to be Playboy's NFT "north star", shining an innovative future on the brand.

  • Get ready to find yourself in another metaverse rabbit hole!


Adidas to Step Up Its Game With Token-Gated Sneaker Drops

During NFT Paris, the Web3 lead of Adidas implied that there are distinctive methods to incorporate cryptocurrency that go beyond the mere inclusion of a payment choice. Instead, the brand's focus is on building a community.

Here's What We Know:

  • Adidas's Web Lead, Wykes-Sneyd, revealed currently exploring token-gated tactics as part of its larger Web3 strategy.

  • Token-gated tactics would allow crypto communities to beat bots and avoid missing out on exclusive sneaker drops.

  • Moreover, she stated that adding a payments plugin is not a "problem solver" due to their being no barriers to buying sneakers and clothes with fiat currency.

  • Rather, the sneaker brand is looking into leveraging its early crypto experiences —promoting more communities and dropping unique collectibles in the future.


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