The Cookie Monster goes from Sesame Street to the blockchain

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  • ✔️ Unstoppable Domains Release New Digital Identity for Polygon

  • 🍪 Cookie Monster Leads Sesame Street's Debut into NFTs

  • 🛍️ NFT Butler Revolutionizes Mass Buying on OpenSea

  • 🛒 Salesforce Showcases NFT Loyalty Program for Major Brands

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Unstoppable Domains Release New Digital Identity for Polygon Users

Polygon joins forces with Unstoppable Domains to launch its own Web3 domain names, ending .polygon - akin to .eth, to streamline user experience on the blockchain network.

Here's What We Know:

  • Polygon has partnered with Unstoppable Domains to introduce a new extension for Web3 domain names - .polygon - .polygon.

  • .polygon is akin to Ethereum's domain name, .eth, following success. Paradigm acquired the rights to paradigm.eth for more than $1.5M, for example.

  • This new domain feature offers opportunities for Polygon users to show support for the blockchain and create a new digital identity.

  • Starting today, Polygon customers can purchase a domain name. Click here to buy one within the first 48 hours to get 25% off.


Cookie Monster Leads Sesame Street's Debut into NFTs

Behind the beloved children's program Sesame Street, Sesame Workshop is making its foray into NFTs with its inaugural digital assets featuring the iconic character Cookie Monster.

Here's What We Know:

  • Sesame Workshop is launching Cookie Monster NFTs on the VeVe app on March 19.

  • Each Cookie Monster NFT will cost $60, and there will be 5,555 editions available for purchase.

  • These NFTs signify established brands' interest in capitalizing on the growing demand for digital collectibles.

  • According to Sesame Workshop, more Sesame Street collectibles will be released soon.

  • Me want cookie!


NFT Butler Revolutionizes Mass Buying on OpenSea

Despite being hush-hush, a new tool allowing users to mass bid on OpenSea, NFT Butler, has emerged.

  • NFT Butler is a bidding automation tool that provides users the features to mass bid on the significant NFT marketplace, OpenSea.

  • The tool is 100% automated, boasting a speed of up to 7,000 bids per hour, and automatically outbids competitors.

  • It also features a new search engine, giving users more comprehensive details of collectibles and their traits, enabling users to bid on rare NFTs based on rarity scores, characteristics, and many more parameters.

  • Bidding is also gas-free, meaning users do not have to worry about the high transaction fees typically associated with buying and selling NFTs.


Salesforce Launch NFT Loyalty Program for Major Brands

Salesforce steps up its blockchain game, launching a brand new NFT management platform dubbed "Salesforce Web3".

Here's What We Know:

  • Yesterday, Salesforce launched a new NFT management platform called Salesforce Web3 to help clients create loyalty programs integrating tokens.

  • Consequently, businesses can mint and sell NFTs, track blockchain activity, and view real-time customer data on the platform - all with subscription tiers.

  • The platform has already been piloted with clients such as whisky brand Crown Royal, clothing brand Scotch & Soda, and toy company Mattel.


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Today's edition was written by Leah Alger and edited by Ty Smith.