Exceptional 2024 Web3 Investments

Recent funding driving Web3 artists, propelling gaming innovation, and shaping Bitcoin's DeFi landscape.

2024 is already shaping up as a promising year for Web3 developers. 🎉💰

This Week's Low-Down:

  • 🎵 Tune.FM Raises $20M by LDA Capital—Boosts Web3 Artists’ Funds

  • 💸 Binance Leads $15M Investment for SkyArk’s Web3 Gaming

  • 🚀 Bitfinity Raises $7M to Fuel Bitcoin's DeFi Transformation

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    Tune.FM Raises $20M by LDA Capital—Boosts Web3 Artists’ Funds

Tune.FM, a Web3 music streaming service, secures a hefty $20M from LDA Capital to ramp up artists’ earnings by 90%.

  • Tune.FM's $20M boost aims to overhaul the artist-unfriendly revenue model in music streaming.

  • The company stands out in Web3 music with Hedera Hashgraph tech, offering artists micropayments per play and earnings from JAM tokens for NFTs.

  • Other notable investments by LDA Capital notably include $100M in Rubix, $25M in Aftermath Islands, and significant stakes in PlayMining and Seedify.

Binance Leads $15M Investment for SkyArk’s Web3 Gaming

Binance Labs has taken the lead in a $15 million investment round, significantly funding Web3 game developer SkyArk Studio.

  • SkyArk Studio — which benefited from Binance Labs' incubation program in 2021 — has now secured major funding to advance its gaming projects.

  • The funding round attracted a diverse group of 40 investors, also including the CEO of LayerZero and Tangent Ventures co-founder.

  • SkyArk is ambitiously developing SkyArkVerse, a SocialFi gaming platform that allows players to build immersive worlds and socialize with friends.

  • Binance Labs’ investment is part of its strategic move to expand its GameFi ecosystem.

Bitfinity Raises $7M to Fuel Bitcoin's DeFi Transformation

Bitfinity recently secured an impressive $7 million from Polychain and ParaFi, fueling its mission to enhance Bitcoin's DeFi capabilities.

  • Bitfinity elevates Bitcoin's DeFi potential via Ethereum Virtual Machine and Internet Computer sidechain integration.

  • Powered by Internet Computer's cutting-edge technology, it guarantees secure and efficient management of Bitcoin and diverse digital assets.

  • Expanding beyond traditional Bitcoin holdings, Bitfinity incorporates Ordinal inscriptions and BRC-20 tokens for broader applications.

Today's edition was written by Leah Alger