SEC Tweet Becomes NFT

Terra grows with Ark's NFT integration, SEC tweet becomes NFT, and Solana Saga buyers net $1K NFTs.

This Week's Low-Down:

  • 🔗 Terra Advances with Ark-Powered Interchain NFT Integration

  • 💾 Digital Artist Turns SEC's Bitcoin ETF Hoax Tweet into NFT

  • 📱 Solana Saga Phone Buyers Score Big with Free NFTs Worth $1K

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Trending Collections on OpenSea:

Terra announces its new move, embracing interchain NFTs powered by Ark Protocol.

  • Post its 2022 collapse, Terra has been actively implementing community proposals and updates to revitalize its ecosystem.

  • Now, the blockchain network’s newest integration allows its NFT projects to be displayed across various blockchain networks to broaden exposure.

  • Terra also releases “Station v3 Extension” for web applications NFT accessibility, alongside a modest increase in LUNA's price to $0.66.

    Digital Artist Turns SEC's Bitcoin ETF Hoax Tweet into NFT

After a security breach at the SEC led to a fake tweet about Bitcoin ETF approvals, it was transformed into an NFT using Bitcoin's Ordinals Inscription.

  • Digital artist Billy Restey was responsible for immortalizing Gensler's tweet as an NFT, marking it as a unique digital collectible.

  • The Gensler tweet NFT was given a unique identification number (53,995,422) within the Ordinals system.

  • This critical tweet hack coincided with heightened investor anticipation for the SEC's decision on several major Bitcoin ETF applications.

    After the upheaval, the SEC eventually greenlit Bitcoin ETF applications!

Solana Saga Phone Buyers Score Big with Free NFTs Worth $1K

Owners of the Solana Saga smartphone received free Saga Monkes NFTs, which are now selling for over $1,000, surpassing the phone's initial price.

  • Saga Monkes NFTs, exclusive to Solana Saga Genesis holders, launched on January 6 with high demand and initial prices around $1,250 in SOL.

  • Within a day, Saga Monkes became the top-selling NFT project, achieving over $2.1 million in sales at an average of $1,069 per NFT.

  • The floor price of Saga Monkes NFTs, despite a slight dip, remains high at around $740, offering substantial returns for Solana smartphone users.

  • Solana Saga owners also gained from other airdrops like “BONK” meme coin and “Claynosaurz: Call of Saga” NFTs, also valued over $1,000.

Today's edition was written by Leah Alger