Trump's Bitcoin Entry

Trump enters Bitcoin's NFT arena, Ronin expands crypto support in gaming, and CryptoPunk #6940 sale sparks NFT market boom.

This Week's Low-Down:

  • 💼 Trump Enters Bitcoin Arena with 200-Piece NFT Collection

  • 🎯 Ronin Expands Cryptocurrency Support for Blockchain Gaming

  • 💥 Recent CryptoPunk #6940 Sale Makes the NFT Market Boom

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Trending Collections on OpenSea:

Trump Enters Bitcoin Arena with 200-Piece NFT Collection

Ex-President Donald Trump recently unveiled his first 200-piece NFT collection on Bitcoin's blockchain.

  • Featuring Bitcoin blockchain-inscribed images, this Bitcoin collection will be available on Magic Eden, purchasable with Wrapped Ethereum.

  • The first 200 buyers of 100 NFTs will receive a unique "one of one" inscription and two VIP tickets to a Trump-hosted event at Mar-a-Lago.

  • As of now, less than half of the NFTs have been minted, and all ‘Trump Digital Trading Cards: MugShot Edition’ are non-transferrable until December 31, 2024.

Ronin Expands Cryptocurrency Support for Blockchain Gaming

The official Ronin blockchain wallet receives a significant upgrade, adding support for Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain.

  • Users of the Ronin wallet mobile app can now access the Ethereum mainnet, Polygon, and Binance's BNB Chain.

  • The updates bring an in-app web browser, improved visuals with more token and NFT details, and MPC for added security.

  • Notably, the MPC feature enhances security by requiring multiple login pieces, ideal for use in various Ronin-based games like Axie Infinity and Pixels.

  • Gaming wallets face increasing competition as Ronin introduces new features to entice and retain users.

Recent CryptoPunk #6940 Sale Makes the NFT Market Boom

Yesterday, the NFT market achieved a remarkable milestone as CryptoPunk #6940 was sold for an impressive $507,617 — the largest single NFT transaction in the past month.

  • Originally minted for a modest $128 in 2017, the value of the CryptoPunk has surged dramatically over six years.

  • The collectible's most previous sale in April 2023 fetched 215 ETH, but due to Ethereum's lower value then, it only amounted to $397,924.

  • In the past 24 hours, the NFT market has experienced a remarkable 17.72% surge in sales volume, accumulating an impressive $38.28 million.

Today's edition was written by Leah Alger